An update from Lee regarding TLTSO

An update from Lee regarding TLTSO

Dear Scorch followers,

Apologies for not getting back with NEWS on the Ska Orchestra sooner.It’s been a busy year with Madness,the One Man’s Madness mockumentry & other stuff. Our drummer is still around but not as much I would like him to be. He is now kept busy with Van Morrison &,ironically, Madness duties.I am so proud of that boy, easy on the Red Bull Mez! Also the unique style of Andy Neal’s guitar has now left a gaping hole in my plan for world domination by summer next, as he decided to leave the Ska Orchestra, Still a hungry rocker though.

I’m not sure what is happening with future Scorch plans. If I can find the energy to fire her back up my first port of call would be a recording studio to record some songs that were demoed some time back with Chris Foreman and hopefully have him join me in the studio for his expertise! In the mean time I’d like you to have this download of The Ska Orchestra performing at Bath’s Komedia on November 1st 2013.  Enjoy. 2 more to follow from Komedia.

Lee Thompson

Midnight Rider from Komedia is available here on the music player

Photo courtesy of Darren Dixon