I did not realise I was going to have a cameo part with a Moon Head on, declaring ‘I AM THE MOON’ for a charity video!

It was a painless, no frills, beautiful experience. Chatting with the Leicestershire people, exchanging some eye opening sagas and getting plied with all sorts of intoxicating fluids, but someone in the party would not own up to clearing the Kings Head public bar after their umpteenth pint!

Good luck with this worthy project. Lee x


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I was living in Luton at the time I acquired my first Tenor Sax. There was a resurgence of all things Fifties, at the Cinema it was Lords of Flatbush, Badlands & American Graffiti.
Fashion was, other than Soul boys & Disco (with punk round the corner) very 50’s again, Filp & the Flea Market was importing American retro bowling jackets shirts & trousers at reasonable prices. Sha na na, Rocky Sharpe & the Razors (later Darts) & of course Bazooka Joe were playing a genre of music that I was drawn toward & that featured a lot of Saxophone. Fats Domino, Little Richard & Coasters inspired me to take up Sax. I spent a lot of hours in front of the mirror mimicking, if not mastering, a lot of Fats Domino tracks. His music & certainly his Saxophonist session men inspired me no end. Kansas City & Shu Rah were personal favourites that, I hope to record/ perform one of these days.

You can listen to ‘Let The Four Winds Blow’ by TLTSO at Komedia, Bath, below or on the media player

      Let The Four Winds Blow

Here you can see and listen to ‘Shu Rah’ by Fats Domino on Lee’s Jukebox